At The 420 Friendly Company we are always on the lookout for new innovations. What could be better than a fully automated grow box?

The science of growing made simple with your own self-sustaining indoor hydroponic system.

GroBox is the solution that will fit all your self-grow needs.

Cloudponics has taken out the guess work and designed a fully-automated microgrow system that you can control from the convenience of your phone.

GroBox is fully customizable. Select the plants or strain you want to grow, and the system will nurture your crop from seed to harvest.

– GroBox with Cloudponics –

No words to describe how Cloudponics is part of an evolutionary change about how to grow…

Cloudponics GroBox will provide you with repeated yields year-round, so you can significantly reduce many costs including trips to the dispensary.

Save time & $$$

You can leave on a 3-week* vacation and check on your plants with smartphone app anywhere in the world!   

*Based on water reservoir and retention for four plant capacity.

Freedom & flexibility.

Fully automated control from the palm of your hand.  Grow up to 8 ounces of your favourite vegetables or medicine in just three months – that’s equivalent to 2.5 grams per day!

Cloudponics app

GroBox with Cloudponics app gives you the peace of mind to relax, knowing your precious plants are safe, sound and well-nourished.

Green thumb approved


The GroBox Cloudponics grow system comes with:

  • Aeroponic Grow Chamber for 4-6 plants
  • Black Dog Phytomax 200 LED grow light
  • Child-proof Automated Door Lock
  • Fresh Water Pump
  • Aeroponic Irrigation Pump
  • Nutrient Mix Reservoir
  • Fresh Water Reservoir
  • Fans: 1) Extraction  2) Circulation
  • Sensors for:
    1) pH
    2) EC sensor
    3) Water Temperature
    4) Air Temperature
    5) Humidity
    6) Light
  • Carbon Filter for odour removal
  • pH [+] and [-] dosing
  • Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients*
  • 6 Grow Cubes
  • 6 Netcups
  • App for iPhone and Android
  • Free nutrients and pH buffers for first 3 months.