Q: How do I buy a domain from your company?

A: We use Escrow.com service for secure online transactions.

Q: How are payments processed?

A: Escrow.com will collect funds and safely handle payment.
Funds are kept in escrow until delivery of the domain is confirmed.

Q: Are there any other costs involved in the domain purchase?

A: Purchase is a one-time payment; however, ICANN registration and escrow fees may apply.

Q: How do I transfer my new domain?

A: Place your order. Escrow.com will contact us to initiate the transfer. We push the domain to Escrow. Accept the incoming domain to your account. Upon satisfactory transfer funds will be released.

Q: How long does the domain transfer take?

A. The recipient must confirm transfer. Once initiated, it takes one to two business day to complete the transfer.

Q. Do you offer other domain extensions?

A. Yes, we offer gTLD, ccTLD and new TLD domain extensions including: .com, .ca, .space, .store, .buzz etc.

Q. Do you provide follow-up services?

A. Yes, our team of friendly web specialists offer professional website development and education.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or inquiries you may have.

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