EcoSoap has many applications

EcoSoap works as an excellent cleanser. You can easily substitute your regular detergent with it.

  • Sustainable:  EcoSoap grows on trees as a renewable resource.
  • All Natural:  No funky or harmful ingredients.
  • Non-polluting:  100% biodegradable and safe.
  • Eco-Friendly:  Less processing, less packaging, reusable.
  • Affordable:  EcoSoap replaces multiple household products (i.e. shampoo).
  • Safe: Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and non-toxic.
  • Simple:  Just add to water (1 tsp/laundry load).
  • Odourless:  No scent. But you can add your own essential oils.
  • Gentle:  Mild on delicate clothing, sensitive surfaces or baby bottoms.
  • No Fabric Softener:  Naturally softens your fabrics.
  • Saves Energy:  You can use a shorter rinse cycle in your laundry.
  • HE Friendly:  Low suds is perfect for front loading machines.
  • All Temperature:  Cold (good), warm (better) or hot water (best).
  • Natural insect repellent: Use to repel pests on plants and pets and self.

Nature’s detergent, EcoSoap is 100% green cleaner!

Soapberry is used in top designer hair tonics and natural botanical solutions. Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in soapberries are known to impart shine and make hair super smooth.

Soapberry liquid also is known to fight various problems affecting the scalp, including dandruff. Organic conditioning properties help moisturize and cool the scalp as it cleans to the follicle.

The regular usage of EcoSoap liquid hair wash can reduce split ends and helps promote hair growth. Helps tame dry and frizzy hair, conditions to make hair more manageable.

EcoSoap is antimicrobial in nature. Soapberries also exhibit insecticidal properties that help in eliminating lice and their nits without chemicals.

Using liquid EcoSoap to wash reuseable diapers can help reduce the possibility of diaper rash. Cleans ammonia smell very well, remains scent-free.

Detoxify. By soaking fruits and vegetables in EcoSoap helps remove pesticides and harmful sprays.

EcoSoap makes your house clean and bacteria-free. It can also be used to clean the floor, bathroom and windows streak-free.

Use EcoSoap as a natural insect repellent. Safe for septic tanks and grey water systems.