.CA Domains


At the 420 Friendly Company, we understand the power of national branding. For your consideration we offer premium, top-shelf, brand-able ccTLD domains with .CA extension.


Reasons to purchase a premium domain name

A unique name will separate one’s brand from the crowd.  Having an industry header will increase a company’s online exposure.  Premium domain names that pass the Radio Test - meaning they are easily recognized and remembered - will bring far more traffic to your home website and stand the test of time.

Due to advertising restrictions laid out in the Cannabis Act (Section 17-24), and in an effort to market brand name products and gain an early market share, many licensed producers and cannabis companies have purchased multiple domain names to passively, yet directly, connect visitors to their product via DNS forwarding.  The advantages will pay off in the long run once the market is firmly established.


Reasons to purchase .CA

.CA extension builds consumer confidence.  It means that your company truly has a Canadian presence. Canadian consumers are Internet savvy and prefer to shop from companies that have the .CA domain extension (i.e. eBay.ca/Amazon.ca).  This is particularly true with regards to federally regulated products and International borders.

Having a .CA domain boosts SEO rankings on Google.ca search engine.  Google algorithm geo-targets Canadian sites by country code narrowing the search field, thus yielding a higher search ranking.

Widely adopted in Canada, yet recognized internationally, .CA Internet policies are set and secured by an independent national registry (CIRA) and governed by Canadian law.  It is the natural extension for global leaders in the .CAnnabis industry.


Please note:  .CA Domain transfer and registration requires a Canadian Presence (see CIRA)


Canadian Presence includes:


  • Canadian citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • Legal representative
  • Aboriginal peoples


  • Corporation
  • Trademark registered in Canada
  • Official marks
  • Association
  • Trust
  • Partnership
  • Educational institution
  • Library, archive or museum
  • Hospital
  • Government

Canada has gone green - Reserve your .CAnnabis domain today!

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