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At the 420 Friendly Company, we truly understand the power of national branding.


For your consideration we offer premium, top-level, brand-able ccTLD domains with .CA extension.

The domain name extension you select has different legal and commercial advantages.  It is good to consider this before you decide on your domain name.

Listed below are some of the advantages of selecting a .CA domain name extension for those individuals, groups, not-for-profit organizations and businesses.


The main reasons why you should consider a .CA domain name extension:


If your primary market is within Canada, there are both legal and commercial advantages to owning a .CA (URL).

Consider the country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) extension when selecting your domain because:

* Having a .CA country-code extension gives your business a national, patriotic identity.

* Policies are set and secured by an independent national registry (CIRA) and governed by Canadian law.

* Having a .CA domain boosts SEO rankings for Canadians who use the Google.ca search engine.

Added reasons to consider a domain name with .CA extension:

* The .CA extension denotes and promotes your company's geographic location specific to Canada (.COM is international).

* As accessible as .COM, widely adopted in Canada, yet recognized internationally.

* The extension .CA means that the business or organization is located in or related to Canada.

* Although you do not have to be a business to own a .CA domain, you must have a Canadian address or presence to register it.

* Builds consumer confidence, especially if your target audience is in Canada.

* Canadian consumers have become more Internet savvy and prefer to shop from companies that have the .CA domain extension.

* Helps to prevent shopper confusion and obstacles in cross-border shipping, particularly with federally regulated products.

* Google.ca algorithm geo-targets Canadian sites defined by .CA, exclusively narrowing the search field yielding a higher ranking.

* .CA domains are generally less expensive, and cheaper to maintain than .COM. Privacy protection is included at no additional cost.

* They can be registered for up to 10 years in advance.

Canada goes green! Reserve your .CA domain today!

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